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Donor Stories

Living kidney donation can be a positive experience and an opportunity to save someone's life. But it can also be nerve-wracking. You may have questions and concerns that an FAQ will not answer, but that hearing from a real living kidney donor could. Here, we display the stories and perspectives of living kidney donors. 

"The coordinators and administrative support for the Living Kidney Donation Program were phenomenal. They are the heart and soul of the program." 

Margaret Lerhe shares her living kidney donation experience at The Ottawa Hospital. She explains the process from her decision to donate to her life post-surgery. 

Hear from Living Kidney Donor Coordinator,
Jessica McDougall


"We wanted the old Betty back."

Betty Organ, a former cardiac care nurse, shares her experience with the Living Kidney Donor Program at The Ottawa Hospital, through which she received a living kidney donation from her friend Danny Sutton-Long. 

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In this interview with CTV News Ottawa, Jessica McDougall talks about kidney donation during the pandemic. She describes her role as a living kidney donor coordinator, and also shares some fun facts about herself and her family. Get to know Jessica and learn more about the program here! 

Donor Support Programs

There are many support programs available to connect you with living kidney donors to have your questions answered and to guide you through the process. Here are two:

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Kidney Foundation of Canada Peer Support Program

This program can connect you with someone who has been a living kidney donor or allow you to speak with people who have had or been affected by kidney disease.

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Transplant Ambassador Program

Through this program, you can speak with a Transplant Ambassador, who was either a transplant recipient or kidney donor. They can support and guide through all stages of the kidney journey - from diagnosis to donation. 

The Ottawa Hospital's Living Donor Coordinator can also match you with a previous donor to support you. 

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