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Living kidney donation is a step by step process

Contact and consent


The first step is a complete a set of forms. You can access the forms in English or in French below:

Information on Living Kidney Donation 

Information sur le Don Rein d'une Personne Vivante

Completing the Forms

1) Print the forms in your preferred language above.

2) Call us at 613-738-8400 ext. 82719 to receive and submit the forms by mail. 


Returning the Forms

1) EMAIL the completed forms to

2) FAX to the Living Kidney Donation Program at 613-738-8403

3) Print and MAIL the forms to: 

Living Kidney Donor Program 

The Ottawa Hospital

1967 Riverside Dr. - Box 643 

Ottawa, Ontario

K1H 7W9 

Information and Evaluation


We will provide you with additional information about the process of live kidney donation. You will also undergo a comprehensive evaluation. For more information about this process, please see Evaluation Process.



Want to speak to a donor or recipient? Call us or click here to arrange a call.

Living Kidney Donor Program: A Step by Step Process
What are my options if the recipient no longer needs my kidney?

You can still be a kidney donor. You can be a non-directed anonymous donor (NDAD) and start a chain of multiple kidney transplants across Canada if you decide to participate in the National Kidney Paired Donation Program. Your gift can help someone waiting on a waitlist.

The Power of One

NDADs are very important to the success of the Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) Program. When a non-directed anonymous donor — a person who is not paired with a transplant candidate, yet wishes to donate a kidney to someone in need — enrolls in the KPD program, their kidney donation is not conditional on a friend or family member receiving a transplant in return. This allows the KPD program to identify pairs that create significant numbers of transplant possibilities across Canada that otherwise would not be possible. Non-directed donors greatly increase the number of matches that can be made among the registered pairs.

Since they enter as a single rather than a pair, it also means that at the end of the domino exchange, one patient on the deceased donor waiting list also receives a kidney transplant.



For more information, visit

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